The Pink Fairies

This is the same story, more or less, I told my daughter when she was two or three. But my mother is in her eighties. And yet the delight is much the same.

Make My Morning Rich

This is not just an attempt at casual conversation. Whether he knows it or not, Rich is giving me, along with my coffee, what I’ve observed to be his philosophy of life. 

Faith Rides Again In The Night

First Place Winner of the Erma Bombeck Global Human Interest Essay Contest

Someone had stolen Tonya’s yellow bicycle, the one her dad had bought for her, the one she rode to her two jobs and back home again.

This I Believe

Originally broadcast on
National Public Radio

Jose meets me at the doorway of the apartment with a shared sense of purpose as if this were his own move, his own daughter.

Growing Season

She wasn’t going to miss out on growing season, she says, as she tenderly places a tomato plant into the great big hole I just dug. Big but not quite big enough. Make it deeper.