I could tell you it took me two careers, two marriages and two children to finally get life all figured out. I could tell you about the many hats I've tried on over the years. Waitress. Account supervisor. Marketing consultant. Publicist. Entrepreneur. Wife. Mother. Newspaper columnist. I could tell you that some hats fit better than others and that would be true. I could tell you that the experience and wisdom I gathered along the way has helped me to create days of idyllic peace and contentment. But let’s be honest. I spend most of my time still searching for what is real and true and alive and brilliant. Maybe you do, too.


But Enough About Me

How about you? What’s on your mind? What moves you to laugh or shout or cry? What makes your day, lifts your spirit and fills you with contentment? What matters to you? Who matters to you? Go ahead. Talk to me. I’m listening.

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